Dr. Tamwe (bulky_monster) wrote in withsatsumas,
Dr. Tamwe

Always travel with a towel!

Greetings from Japan! I've been here a few days and wanted to share a very Ford Prefect tip with the Satsuma f-list... something that almost everyone does here is to take a small towel with them wherever they go. Many of the bathrooms here don't have towels available, anyway. The towels people use are slightly larger, but thinner, than washcloths and are printed with cute little patterns and designs. 

Seeing what a good idea this was, and how fun the different colors, patterns and pictures could be, I bought a whole bunch of them on sale. I'm keeping a bunch for myself and giving a few to my roommate and to my boyfriend. They're small enough to carry in the average purse, and in my boyfriend's case, in the small document book he always has with him. (the document book holds a passport, checkbook, credit cards and money, among other things.)

I thought you all might like this idea, it's a very easy way to cut down on waste and save a few trees on a daily basis. Dry washcloths would work just as well, although if anyone can find these Japanese style hand towels, they are quite fun. 

Admittedly, I forgot I had my towel with me and used paper towels once or twice. But just as often, my own towel has come in handy. Won't it be nice especially if you're at a rest stop somewhere and there are no towels left? I am pleased with my discovery and hope you will be too :)
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