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For the Brave ;)

Today I was in Cambridge with a friend of my best friend, who's visiting England from Japan. As I was trying to play "tour guide" in a city I've only ever visited once, we came across a couple of people holding up a sign that said "FREE HUGS." My friend asked me what it meant (she only speaks a little English) so I went and got my hug, you know, in order to show her.

You know what? It was really nice. And I'm not a touchy-feely person, normally. In fact the words "I hate that mushy stuff" have frequently crossed my lips since I was in preschool, and I distinctly remember I used to tell my grandparents I was "all out of kisses" in grammar school.

Anyway I'm sure a lot of you have seen the YouTube video about this (below). And here's a Wikipedia article. Apparently the guy was told by the police to stop hugging everyone. LOL WTF?

I'm not telling everyone to go out and hug strangers on the subway or anything, but I do hereby declare that my free hug was enjoyable and that certainly other people may feel the same. And probably there are people who wouldn't get no lovin' any other way. Which is sad. 

Main point: it's stuff like this that redeems the human race, in my eyes. Corny, maybe, but so very  much the opposite of evil.

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