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Nerdinating the Troops

I mentioned I've worked as a nurse in Iraq before. Well, yesterday I ran across a group of people who had set up a table in the lobby of our BX, collecting donations for wounded troops, so naturally this caught my interest and I thought, "sure, I'm game."
Usually, as I well know, they need cleaning supplies. But it also gets fairly boring there, and everybody always donates the crappy books they don't want anymore, so I figured I'd send over some cleaning supplies *and* some DVDs. 
I went into the store thinking something funny: Simpsons, perhaps, or Family Guy. Then what did my eyes spy but the big-eared, goofy visage of Christopher Eccleston! Season One was finally available on base. It irked me because I'd gone there looking for it and ended up having to buy it used over the internets... well. 
Anyway I thought "that would be a totally nerdy thing to do, fanvangelizing DW to a captive audience." So of course, I couldn't help myself. I had to buy it for them. But I threw in Family Guy, too, just in case. That and 3 packs of hand sanitizer and some cleansing wipes. 

I really should watch my spending habits, but oh well. It made me grin for, like, an hour. So even if the troops don't like it- and I'm sure they will, because I've known groups of injured Marines to giggle over marathons of the Power Puff Girls-  it made at least one person happy. Me. And at least they got some always-needed hand sanitizer- in all seriousness, that stuff is a real lifesaver. Because they can't always wash their hands with water, then they get wounded, then they touch the wound and it gets infected. So. Hand sanitizer FTW.

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